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As a child, my family complained that I talked too much; my mom called me “Motor Mouth.” It was a “skill” that began to pay off in middle school, when teachers started asking me to be the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for several school events. In high school, my MC career continued, although I typically had to try out for those roles. It was also at that time that I joined the debate team and won several speech competitions. Interestingly, unless you went to school with me - you wouldn't have known these things. In fact, until this very moment, I actually hadn’t thought much about it.

As I think back, the most intriguing part of all this is that I happen to be an extreme introvert and, even though I signed up for the speaking opportunities, I was so scared, I would get sick to my stomach… every single time!   My heart would nearly beat out of my chest and the anxiety was unbearable, I thought for sure I would pass out… until, that is, the very moment I stepped onto the stage. From the time the mic came on, something inside me took over, and the words simply flowed out. It felt almost like an out-of-body experience that both fascinated and inspired me. It was as though I got to be someone else in those moments. The audience laughter, applause and even a cheer now and then, added to my wonder and provided a sense of accomplishment - I had challenged myself, and succeeded!

Today, I rarely get nervous before speaking and I have come to accept that this “other person” is a part of me, a part I am happy to share when doing so helps others. After 26 years starting, building and investing in companies in Silicon Valley and now in Puerto Rico, I am thankful that some of what I have learned is valuable.

My Areas of Expertise Include:

  • All aspects of early-stage startups and small business. In particular, topics such as:
    • How to know if you're ready to be an entrepreneur. 
    • Knowing if your idea will profitable.
    • How to get started.
    • If the business will be VC fundable.
    • Dos and Don'ts of pitching to a VC.
    • Ways to fund a business before it is generating a lot of revenue. 
  • Understanding Market Validation Testing:
    • What it is, how to do it and why it is important
  • Issues related to Venture Capital and angel investing, including:
    • How to start investing in startups.
    • How to evaluate startup and venture fund investment opportunities.
    • How to start a Venture Capital fund.
  • Founder and GP mental and physical health:
    • How to stay grounded.
    • Maintaining nutrition and fitness goals with a busy schedule.
    • Meditation and mindfulness practices for higher performance.
  • Entrepreneurship and parenting:
    • Balancing obligations.
    • How to prioritize.
    • Determining your non-negotiables for the business and for the family.
    • Impact on ability to raise funding.
    • Pros and cons of involving family members.
    • Keeping your relationships alive (or knowing when to let them go).

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