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Startups Are My Passion


I started building businesses in grade school; I started investing while in college; and, by age 23, I invested in my first Venture Capital fund. Now, I help aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced professionals build profitable businesses and lucrative investment strategies. My motto is #HustleDontGrind, and I'm here to help you reach your goals. Here's My Story.




[ˈhəsəl dōnt ɡrīnd]


a business building philosophy by which one works as hard as possible without killing themselves, recognizing that, if it always feels like a grind, something is wrong. The phrase was coined by Jennifer P. Hopp after she allowed her first venture-backed startup to nearly kill her, literally, and vowed to never again buy into the "hustle and grind" mentality.

Life is too short. Ask for help!

For Entrepreneurs

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ATO Ventures

Pre-seed funding for Market Validation Testing and Seed funding for launch.


Angel Funding

Small, revenue-based investments for Puerto Rico startups and SMBs looking for growth support.

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A simple tool dedicated to helping you find funding for your business - grants, investments, loans and more.

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Valid Startup

Step-by-step, interactive program to take you from idea to launch.

For Investors

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New Investor Advisory

Learn how to evaluate startups and venture fund investment opportunities.


PR Investment Opportunities

Your eyes and ears on the ground in Puerto Rico, one of the fastest growing innovation hubs in the world.

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GP Services

Interim GPs to support small and solo GP venture funds during growth or Key Person Events.


GPx by The Plexo Foundation

Helping great investors become great fund managers - a program for emerging GPs.

Why Puerto Rico?

I was first invited to Puerto Rico in 2016 by Parallel 18 to work with startups in the incubator's first cohort. I was so impressed by the quality of the program and the caliber of the startups, that I kept coming back. By mid-2017, the warmth of the community, along with an unmatched level excitement and energy around entrepreneurship and innovation, led me to quickly realize that my experience would be much more helpful in Puerto Rico than it ever could be in Silicon Valley. At the time, there were only a handful of Private Equity firms on the island and no traditional style Venture Capital funds supporting early stage companies. I founded ATO Ventures to help fill that gap. My goal is to increase access to capital and drive awareness to the incredible work of Puerto Rico's founders and the organizations that support them. Along the way, I help out wherever I can. Contact me anytime. [PS -Todavía estoy aprendiendo español, pero haré lo mejor que pueda si no hablas inglés. Sólo promete hablar muy despacio. 😉 ]

Local Organizations I am Proud to Support as an Advisor, Board Member or Sponsor:

Speaking Engagements

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