Successful Entrepreneur, Investor & Tech Influencer

Jennifer is the Managing Partner of ATO Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm based in Puerto Rico that funds technology startups globally.

Before ATO Ventures, she had been investing as a Limited Partner (LP), Venture Partner, Angel, and Venture Capitalist (VC) for over 20 years. Not one to shy away from calculated risk, she began investing in the capital markets at age 19, while an undergrad at UC Berkeley and Oxford University, to help pay for school. Graduating early, Jennifer was able to use her last year of tuition money, along with her stock market gains, to become an LP in a Venture Capital fund at age 23.

Several years later, she becomes a Venture Partner, and then an active startup advisor and Angel Investor. She has had nine exists so far. 

A born entrepreneur, Jennifer began building companies long before she started investing. 

As an entrepreneur, Jennifer's first company was a lottery scratch-card called "The Jenny Game" that she made and sold to her fellow eight-year-old classmates. She officially became a tax-paying citizen at age 10, buying, reselling, and delivering newspapers. From carnivals in the front yard to cookie sales, and eventually a legit office job at 13, business acumen is in the fabric of Jennifer's being.

After college, Jennifer was a testifying & consulting Commercial Damages Expert before returning to her passion - entrepreneurship! In 2011 she founded her software company, WeMakeItSafer, shortly after business school at UC Berkeley. She successfully sold the company in 2016.

Along the way, Jennifer also held two interim CEO roles and has been advising startups on identifying revenue models and the importance of validating markets before launch, drawing on skills she acquired while building her own businesses. Now, Jennifer is using her expertise to help other investors achieve higher returns at lower risk through ATO Ventures.

Jennifer began visiting Puerto Rico as an angel investor in 2016 and quickly fell in love with the island. She is now happy to call Puerto Rico her home and is fully committed to supporting and growing the quickly emerging startup ecosystem in PR.

The best place to connect with Jennifer is on Instagram:

My Official Twitter Account is @Hopp_vc (3)


  • Founder & MP, ATO Ventures (present)
  • Founder & Author, Valid Startup (present)
  • Founder  & CEO, WeMakeItSafer (acquired)
  • Interim CEO
    • IMCo (funded)
    • Stealth entertainment co
  • Commercial Damages, Litigation Consultant
    • ERS Group (principal)
    • Navigant Consulting (senior consultant)


  • MBA: UC Berkeley, Joint Program w/ Haas School of Business & College of Engineering
    • Honors
    • Community Fellow
    • Certificate in Entrepreneurship
    • Certificate in Management of Technology
  • BA: UC Berkeley, USA + University of Oxford, UK
    • High Honors/Magna cum Laude
    • Double Degree:
      • Economics
      • Japanese
    • Completed in three years (self-funding makes you study fast)


  • Mind: Meditation, journaling, music and prayer.
  • Body: Healthy eating, weightlifting, long walks and swimming.
  • Spirt: Two amazing children, one incredible boyfriend and gratitude toward God for all.
  • Fun: Travel, adventure, research, brainstorming and creating.