Now is the Time to Invest in Puerto Rico Startups

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, but if there is one place on earth that knows how to deal with a crisis it’s Puerto Rico. In a recession of its own that has lasted thirteen years and, most recently, suffering through devastating hurricanes, political turmoil and bizarrely extreme earthquake […]

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Where to Invest Now: What The Experts Say

As an experienced investor, I am less worried about the money I am currently losing in the stock market than I am about making sure I am ready to capture big wins in the impending rebound. I have lived and invested through blips, corrections, recessions and crashes before; my long […]

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Hopp Working Out

Working Out in the Morning is Bad for Business

By now, if you have followed me at all on Instagram, you know that fitness is a huge part of my life. I advocate working out every day, or as close to that as possible, no matter how busy you are. The benefits are mostly obvious, so I won’t go […]

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Venture Capital Isn’t Right for Every Startup

In Silicon Valley (SV), there is one dominant formula for starting a successful business. Someone has an idea, develops an MVP, raises angel funding, launches the product, raises venture capital, grows to some degree, then gets acquired and, in rare cases, goes public. Anything short of acquisition is considered a […]

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Should You Pivot or Stay the Course

I was sitting on the plane yesterday when an entrepreneur asked me, “Should I pivot or keep going.”  It was one of those questions that gave me pause. My first thought was, “This question is impossible to answer without more information.” It’s kind of like asking me, “Should I add […]

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Why Live Streaming? Why Now?

I’m using live streaming as a way to connect more startups and aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world with investors and experienced entrepreneurs. About two months ago, while at SXSW, I thought of an idea to do a live “show,” similar to Shark Tank, but far more collaborative. It would […]

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