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out of the box.

And the new thing is that we have a lot of deep resources in this
javadocs feature. It’s cool — it’s a new feature.

So we have things like the XML APIs, which is sort of the details of how to
do this stuff. In a lot of cases there are other APIs that you could use
instead. We also have rich source code processing that does a lot of the
work. And in general you just use the APIs that you need.

In fact, they’re pretty standardized, for the most part. There are some
exceptions, but I think you could mostly use the standardized ones. There
are cases where you can’t use some things. For example, things that are
server-side, you just can’t do from the client side. But generally, you can
use XML pretty much in the same way in the client and the server.


And I think the biggest thing we’ve done is we’ve added in a lot of
sanity checks. We don’t allow loops to go into the code. Or we don’t allow
you to take paths from the root directory that you can’t afford. Like you
might have taken a path like /WebRoot/Default.aspx, but you can’t afford to
do that because it might point to a directory on your server that you don’t
have access to, or you might have some other constraint there. So you have
to handle that.

We also limit the number of different tags you can use. If you want to
achieve specific HTML, you have to manage that yourself. So if you have
more than some number of tags that you can use in a page, you really want
to do that programmatically, not with the javadocs feature.

We also limit the number of times


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