I haven’t written a blog post in ages. (No,really, it’s been over decade.) Mostly because… well… um… does anyone read blogs anymore? And, even if people do still read blogs, do I really want to repeat the past, where I spent countless hours writing legit articles full of documented research and detailed graphs of my findings? Hell no! Sorry, Gram.. heck no!

Then why a “blog” now? First, I’m comfortable with uncut now (Mr. Manners is squirming) and often post whatever comes to mind (almost). Second, I drop most of my random thoughts into Instagram Stories, and I’ve been told, some are worth keeping around longer than 24 hours…. not many, but a few.

So there you have it… here, in the bloggy section of this antiquated WordPress site, is where I will post random thoughts (and pictures, drawings, videos, pictograms, slideshows, furry animals and bacon) that may be of interest to someone, somewhere, somehow.

What can I say, I’m here to help.

Oh, and what’s with that image? Random stock image that was already in my gallery… She looks kinda cool, having some random fun, right? Fits! Ok, maybe I’ll change it later… ok, probably not. Told you – quick, uncut, raw and real(ish). Let’s not get too serious, here. That’s what my biz sites are for.