“TEAMWORK is the ability to work together toward a common VISION. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon RESULTS.”

Andrew Carnegie

If you have been watching my stories on Instagram or following along with some of my talks, you know that I decided to move to Puerto Rico from Silicon Valley in 2017 after visiting many times. You also know that my love and adoration for PR is, perhaps, a bit over the top, and that I definitely take an idealistic view of our economic future. It’s not that I fail to see the challenges, it is that I choose to focus on the opportunities.  Yes, it is fair to say that I look at the island through rose colored glasses, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Now that I am settled into island life, I have begun to take a deeper and more active role in supporting aspiring entrepreneurs in PR. My first endeavor was to establish ATO Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund that not only invests in local entrepreneurs but also brings new technology startups to PR to incubate and grow, thereby creating  more, highly skilled, high-paying career opportunities for local talent. Now, I am beginning to work more closely with organizations that support local entrepreneurs. Some examples include working with Parallel 18, where I have been a mentor since Generation 1 and am now a Mentor in Residence, supporting Foundation for Puerto Rico’s efforts to build more funding programs for entrepreneurs across the island and, most recently, a commitment to teach Entrepreneurship courses at UPR

What does all this activity mean (in addition to the fact that I get to live an incredibly FUN and FULFILLING life every day, working with extremely talented entrepreneurs)?  It means that it is time to expand our team!!

If you are interested in learning about startup investing and entrepreneurship, joining our team could be the perfect opportunity for you. As a small team, everyone has an opportunity to do a bit of everything, while still focusing on their key strengths. Below are descriptions of our currently open positions. Please take a look and, if you are interested in applying, please email the following to hello@Hopp.vc:

  1. Cover letter* (can be body of the email).  Tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and your expertise as well as which position you are applying for and why.
  2. Resume* or link to your linkedin profile
  3. Fill in this Job Application Form: Job Form for All Positions

*Required in English


Required Attributes & Skills

  • Positive attitude (When we say high-vibes only, we really mean it. No grumpy smurfs.)
  • Excellent problem solver (Do you do logic puzzles for fun?  We thought so!)
  • Self motivated / Self starter (You jump out of bed singing… ok, after a cup of coffee.)
  • Trustworthy (No explanation needed)
  • Organized and punctual (You know that island time is only for social events 🙂 )
  • Responsible (If you say you’ll do it, you do it.)
  • Fast learner (Ready, set, go!)
  • Driven to success and excellence (“The Little Engine that Could” was your favorite book as a child.)
  • Curious / Eager to Learn (Google is your best friend.)
  • Hard working / Willing to go the extra mile (It isn’t really work, it’s play, and we LOVE what we do!)
  • Fun, yet professional-ish (Um, yeah – if you see our Insta stories, this is no surprise to you.)
  • Flexible (We’re not talking yoga (although that is highly recommended), but you need to roll with the punches. Startups change by the minute and, therefore, so does our day.)
  • Confident leader (The best leaders know who and when to follow.)
  • Excellent communicator (Speak up, add value, know your worth.)
  • Team player who can also work independently  (We flow in and out of group and individual tasks all day long.)
  • Bilingual English and Spanish (This is mostly so you can teach Jennifer Spanish… just kidding – it’s important for the partners we serve.)
  • G-suite (Docs, Sheets, Gmail…. Does anyone use anything else anymore?)
  • Intelligence (We don’t care about your degrees or formal education; we only care about your ability, willingness and desire to learn!)


We pride ourselves on making sure our team stays happy and healthy! In addition to fairly flexible work schedules, we cover the cost of healthcare insurance and gym membership. In addition, we provide a generous number of paid holidays along with unlimited sick days (because, frankly, we rarely get sick, and since our team WANTS to be here, there is no risk of “playing hooky.”)  Happy hours and mixers occur weekly, and we definitely know how to jump in the water now and again. As we grow, we will continue to add services to support our team, and we look forward to your ideas!

*Applies to full-time, exempt employees. Compensation for hourly and contract employees follow PR labor laws; however, we pay rates that are generally much higher than average


The Investment Analyst is a full-time, entry-level venture capital position. You do not need to have experience investing, but knowledge of common entrepreneurship theories and topics such as Lean Startup, Tipping Point and Product-Market Fit, to name a few, will be incredibly helpful to your ability to quickly learn the ins and outs of venture capital. Your main role will be to manage the startup deal flow – that is, identify, contact and vet startups into which we may want to invest. It will require learning the ATO Ventures strategic model and applying our criteria in both qualitative and quantitative ways to ensure the most promising opportunities are in our pipeline. You will be talking and/or meeting with startup founders from PR and abroad regularly. Other times will be spent researching our markets and making sure the entire team is up to speed on current trends.

Examples of duties include:

  • Review startup submissions
  • Make recommendations to pursue or drop startup opportunities based on established criteria 
  • Build and maintain dashboards and screening processes to help investors and experts evaluate the startups
  • Hold initial meetings with startup founders
  • Attend startup events/conferences as a representative of ATO Ventures to network and to source and assess new partnerships and investment opportunities
  • Conduct industry research to stay abreast of new laws and technologies that impact the areas in which we invest
  • Maintain a repository of industry information, data and tools
  • Draft updates, newsletters and reports for the team, Limited Partners and others
  • Support other team members in accomplishing the projects they are leading


The Content Creator is a full-time, entry-level position requiring knowledge and experience in graphic design, photography and videography. Ideally, you will also fully understand the content requirements and restrictions of the major social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Your main role will be to capture high quality images and video daily (ideally, consistently throughout the day as well as during events, classes, excursions and speaking engagements) and to edit the content captured for use on Social Media and other platforms. You will work daily with the Sales & Marketing Manager to make sure design and quality meets marketing and promotional needs. Additionally, you will help team members prepare visual and audio pieces for a variety of projects from classroom curriculum to quarterly reports. 

Examples of duties include:

  • Photo and video capture, editing and formatting
  • Attend all events were Managing Partner participates and capture high quality images and video
  • Edit and proofread written pieces before publication
  • Participate in planning and strategizing for inbound marketing campaign execution including content, content scheduling, platforms and measurements
  • Assist in the creation of presentations, blogs, newsletters and other marketing materials
  • Assist in preparing visual and audio pieces for a variety of projects
  • Responsible for proofreading and editing video transcripts
  • Keep a record and library of all images and video collected daily or from events, classes, excursions and speaking engagement, etc
  • Support other team members in accomplishing the projects they are leading


The Executive Assistant is a part-time, hourly position (15 – 20 hours weekly). Experience working with and managing professional teams is helpful, but a healthy dose of willingness to pitch in wherever necessary is a must. Your main role will be to perform a variety of administrative tasks and support our company’s Managing Partner as well as other members of the team to stay on task and organized. Some of the responsibilities include managing business calendars, making travel arrangements and preparing expense reports as well as helping to plan events, answering general questions submitted by email and forwarding correspondence to the correct member of the team for further assistance, as necessary.

Examples of duties include:

  • Managing business calendar and meeting schedules
  • Making travel arrangements (booking flights, hotels, etc)
  • Communication with accountants and attorneys, providing information as needed
  • Keeping bills up to date
  • Bookkeeping
  • Filing
  • Running errands
  • HR – payroll
  • Taxes – review of submission and approval of documents provided by accountants
  • Insurance documentation, renewals and forms for new employees
  • Maintaining an organized office space
  • Ordering or purchases supplies as needed
  • Managing the office logistics, seating arrangements, meeting locations, etc.
  • Making food orders for client and team meetings and events
  • Events planning and management
  • Support other team members in accomplishing the projects they are leading