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– You can use Python’s libraries to control and access the engine.
– Export with Python to Unity/UnrealEngine or any other real-time editor.
– Simple, light-weight and fast.
– Full source code.
– Designed for Python 2.6 and up.
– Can do simple things: Animated Text, Animated Model, Coordinate Manipulation, Rectangle, Shader.
– Can do complex things: GLSL Shader, Rendering, Animation, Vector Manipulation, Modeling.
– It can do not-so-simple things: Geometry, Physics.
– Game Development UI: Scrolling Menu, Dialog, Timeline.
– Use Mixamo for Models: 12,000+ HD art assets (FREE).
– Create your own models: Models are available in.obj,.obj+ and.dae format..obj +.dae combine.
– Game Development UI: Timeline, Layers, Scene, Scene Editor, Scripting Editor.
– Profiles, Configuration, Build Setting.
– UI Editor: Tab/Sidebar, Toolbar, Tab Auto Scroll, Textbox Auto Scroll, Canvas, Timeline.
– Playback: Play/Stop/Pause/Restart.
– Modification: Save/Load/Rename/Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo/Redo/Scripting Editor.
– Scripting: Add Events/Triggers/Callbacks/Script.
– Engine: Cinabox Engine/Entity/RenderEngine.
– Feature and Changelog:

Octane Description:
Octane is a most useful game development application written with Python and PyGame. This tool is designed to be a good solution for both game making beginners and experts alike. For beginners because of no need to code a simple game; for experts because of its advanced (full) Python scripting and full source code access.
Octane Description:
– You can use Python’s libraries to control and access the engine.
– Export with Python to Unity/UnrealEngine or any other real-time editor.
– Simple, light-weight and fast.
– Full source code.
– Designed for Python 2.6 and up.
– Can do simple things: Animated Text, Animated Model, Coordinate Manipulation, Rectangle, Shader.
– Can do complex things

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-Template to produce the necessary files for single part animated character models.
-A simple to use, yet highly versatile tool for creating a variety of different character models.
-The shape of each file is created automatically, giving the user a variety of shapes and sizes.
-Allows for easy editing of the final file using a range of different editing tools.
-With various effects available, including drop shadows, multiple layers and the ability to be removed and then re-applied.
-A wide range of pose controls are available.
-Useful for those that wish to have basic animation.
-Its used to make object models (and weapons).
-A set of powerful tools is available for producing your own custom pose animation using only the buttons and menus.
-Particularly useful when creating simple animated models, based on photos.
-Also includes an animation to render them in-game.
[Features List]
-Customizable shape and texture files, for instant creation of character models.
-Drag&drop of all tools, with custom scripts.
-Save and Load UI and Scripts.
-Customizable set of choices for editing the final file.
-Customize up to 10 shape and texture files, with various effects.
-Utility to quickly swap between current shape and the new one.
-Generates masks for and masks from the shape.
-Generate UV Layout for any shape.
-Generate a sprite sheet.
-Generate a PIL mask or blend mask.
-Generate a sprite sheet for an image or sequence of images.
-A standard image editor to customize any image you want to use.
-Resize a sprite sheet.
-Preview on an image, using Image.
-A simple image editor.
-Reverse a sprite sheet.
-A simple music player.
-Simple fonts and text editors.
-A voice recorder.
-Create and manage online profile.
-Export to Html (limited).
-Basic character model.
-The final file is always based on the shape chosen, so this tool allows for easy creation of any shape.
-Customized text for a different shape.
-Basic Collision between the model and the box.
-Advanced collision for a customizable box.
-Particle Explosion.
-Create animated character based on a photo.
-Pose control buttons.
-Simple Animation


Octane Full Version

In this article I’ll be explaining Octane, why to use it, how to setup it and how to create your first game with it. So let’s start…

Although Octane is a Mac only application, the majority of it’s features can be used on any type of development environment such as Windows, Linux or Android. So what is Octane? Octane is a tool used to create games for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and other mobile device platforms. Octane allows you to develop and test games on multiple platforms simultaneously.

In Octane, you’ll be creating projects, working with game engines, scripting various inputs and outputs, creating 3D models, setting up sprites, music and other fun gameplay features!

Getting Octane
If you’ve ever used a Mac before you’ll know how easy it is to install an application onto your system. But if you’re coming from Windows where installing applications is much more difficult, don’t worry, Octane is simple to install on Windows too. The best way to install Octane is to use their Mac version. But I’ve found a way to install Octane on Windows 7.

Before you can run Octane you will need to download Python. For this guide I will use Python 2.7. The version of Python you will use will probably vary depending on what version of Windows you are using. If you’re unsure about the version of Python you have installed already, you can get it from the website here:

Note: Python 2.6 is probably not supported in Windows 7 (64-bit) because of an OS compatibility issue. So if you run into any problems just use 2.7.

To make Octane run you need to create a file called Octane.py and put it in the same directory as the program executable. The.py file extension is used for Python source code.

Creating Your First Project
Now that we have Octane installed on our system let’s create our first project. In Octane the process of creating a project is quite easy. To create a project open the main menu and select New Project. A blank project window will open.

This is where we can add a name for our project and some basic settings.

After you add your project details, you can go ahead and click on the Create

What’s New in the Octane?

Octane (Octano) is a program that allows you to easily make your own games, without any need to code.

Octano is a powerful Python framework that integrates

a very nice library of already made games,

a game editing interface,

game editors,

a very simple text based game editing language,

a very easy to learn game programming language,

a complete game development environment, and

a game making assistant.

All of this means that it is very easy to create and edit your games with Octano, with very little effort. This is a good program for both beginners and experts.

Octano Features:

1- Game Development Assistant

Octano can be used by itself, but it is best used with a game making program.

Let’s start by installing the game development assistant.

1. Install Octano

Just go to the octano page, select your system (OS), and click on download. It will download the octano executable file.

2. Install the Octano game development assistant

Go to the octano page, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on download, then follow the instructions.

3. Connect your PC to a TV

To use the assistant, you will need to connect your computer to a TV. This is because it will show you instructions on your TV screen. You will need a HDMI cable or a VGA cable.

4. Run the Octano Game Development Assistant

Double click on the executable file that you downloaded. Octano will automatically be installed on your computer. If you are using the VGA cable, you will need to connect the computer to the TV via a VGA cable.

5. Open Octano

Octano will open with a window that shows you the games in the library.

6. Create your first game

To create your first game, you will need to select a game template. There are 3 game templates to choose from: the “Game Maker” template, the “LOL” template, and the “Lamp Flash” template. Just click on the template you want to use.

Just like the game development assistant, your first game will appear on your TV screen. You will be able to see the game on your computer screen by moving the cursor over the game. You can create as many games as you want by selecting the template and designing the game.

7. Play and customize your game

If you are satisfied with the design of your first game, press the Play button. If you are not satisfied with the design, press the Edit button. You will be able to create, play, and customize all the levels of your game. You can also do this for the objects and images in your game.

8. Share your game


System Requirements:

The minimal system requirements are:
OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel x86-compatible core 2 Duo or later (TickTock / Celeron 2GHz)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 32MB graphics memory or higher recommended
DVD drive
Other: Adobe Flash Player or higher
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 or higher
The computer should be able to play the sound and video